Trusted Routine Crane Inspection
& Crane Certification Options

Trust the professionals at the Hoist and Crane Service in Northern California, for routine crane inspections and crane certifications. Our veteran inspectors come out four times a year to detect any maintenance your crane or hoist needs. Various maintenance programs are available. We also provide one-time inspections to get your crane or hoist certified.


Ensure your hoist or crane is performing properly with a quarterly preventative maintenance inspection, performed by our skilled professionals. This detailed preventative maintenance inspection includes a diagnostic evaluation of all points of your unit to ensure safe operation.


For all hoist and crane units of more than three tons, our surveyors offer CAL-OSHA crane certifications. We give you a Plate V California state certification form and perform a license inspection. There is an annual certification and four-year certification with a load test of 125%.

Yellow Crane - Routine Crane Inspection

Contact us in Northern California, to prevent costly repairs for your units by requesting a routine inspection or certification.